Impossible is a challenge.




Roots Of My Dreams by Leon Walker


Our story is based in lineage, heritage and empowerment. The company’s name derives from the poem “The Roots Of My Dreams,” written by Leon Walker, father of Dream Roots Creative’s founder Robert “RobYoung” Walker. The weight carried through the words is that of perseverance through the African American plight and contrived from a rooted history of literature and creativity.


Leon Walker being a  natural creative, poet and motivational speaker was asked by his college to write a piece of work for one of the most prolific African American writers of our time. None other than author of “The Roots” and “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,“ Alex Haley. 


Upon a restless night, Leon awoke mid sleep with the words spilling from his spirit. It is as if “The Roots Of My Dreams” wrote itself. 


Dream Roots was named as a homage to this moment and is the foundation of what we believe creativity means. We believe that everything in life is created twice, first in the imagination and second in the physical form. Our goal is to take this concept to push perspective toward progression. 


Impossible is a challenge. 

Leon Walker "Roots Of My Dreams" | Father of Robert "RobYoung" Walker