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Excuse My Accent
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- Drei Ros x RobYoung x Sharlene

It is safe to say we’re living in a heated, polarized social and political time. Currently the FBI has noted a record high in hate crimes in the last 16 year span with racism, culture and ancestry dominating the percentage for reason. Turning on the television, we can see the fear of others being reported as a trend. Children are being separated from families and it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear of mass shootings centered around bigotry or hatred. People are dying. We know this to be true. 

At the same time, the ever-changing  American landscape is becoming more diverse. Currently 48% of households in the most populated cities in the United States speak English as a second language and generation Z is set to be the most diverse generation to date. More than ever there is a need for a collective voice. 

Flipping an apology as a way of empowerment, Excuse My Accent is a campaign geared at laying a platform for individuals to equally share their story. We believe patriotism shouldn’t come before the human being, and all cultures and backgrounds deserve celebration in the understanding that America is built from immigration. The land of the free shouldn’t give freedom to a chosen few. 

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Music Video

The Excuse My Accent campaign was spawned by a hit song performed by Drei Ros, RobYoung and Sharlene and produced by grammy award winning production group 808 mafia. "Excuse My Accent" has a rally cry for inclusivity in America and abroad. Following the song production, Richard Stan (international award winning film producer and director) oversaw bringing the "Excuse My Accent" song to life.  Following a blossoming young actress Trinity Cali Rose Sanchez as she looks at todays American ills, the visual is able to bring viewers to their most empathetic place.

Drei Ros

Set to release his latest project titled “Excuse My Accent,” Drei Ros has been making waves in and out of the industry internationally. Romanian born, Drei moved to Seattle Washington when he was 16 and quickly immersed himself in the urban music culture feeding his love of hip-hop and free-style rhymes. His infectious Romanian accent added intrigue to his English raps and quickly brought success to several singles. Experimenting with a diverse range of music genres working with Jamaican Reggae legend Junior Reid and later with Alex Mica & Evelyn on the single “Like a Freak” and “Euro Bricks” showcasing features by Rick Ross and Gucci Mane. Los Angeles brought more opportunity to collaborate in 2014 with G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T on the club banger “We On”. In 2015. Drei started the 2018 with a new single with Kap G & J Romero, titled “Loco”. The song got over 3 million streams on Spotify and played in the clubs in Los Angeles and all over the United States. After “Loco”, Drei collaborated with Domenica & Marvelus Fame on the latin single “Te Necesito.” The record reach Top 20 in Mexico on the radio and was very popular in the latin market. “Bombero” is an EDM latino record with Breakfast N Vegas and Los Rakas. The song is already getting on many playlists on Apple Music & Spotify and has reached almost a million views on Youtube in less than 2 weeks after the release. His latest release is major pop record “Stay” with Iakopo and Joey Djia. The video gained 12 million views in two weeks.



RobYoung is conscious rap marries commercial Hip Hop. A talented lyricist and songwriter, he has an exceptional ability to paint lyrical pictures and command attention with his energy. However recent his decision to focus on his art, RobYoung has an unusually strong command of the stage; his performances engage even the most hesitant skeptic. Young’s energy, presence and musical identity is fully-formed. Born to a man who owned the largest African art museum in the North West covering Africans from the Diaspora, RobYoung, began penning rhymes at an early age. Balancing basketball, teenage lessons and music in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington. His father, an African beat drummer and revered poet, RobYoung began to develop an appreciation for lyrical geniuses while developing his own style and undeniable stage presence. He finished his first solo project, Soon Isn’t Soon Enough, shortly after arriving to California. After it was released, RobYoung was soon sought out by numerous venues and management teams looking for opening acts. Rob Young has performed for audiences of up to 20,000 and has opened for Lupe Fiasco, Dip Set, Twista, Mistah F.A.B., Martin Luther, Fashawn, The Jacka and more. Currently RobYoung, not only an artist also has been working on the creative development of the “Excuse My Accent” campaign with business partner Drei Ros through his company Dream Roots Creative. RobYoung’s next project “Sacred” is set to release 2020.

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Sharlene is a young Dominican actress and singer who has dominated the Billboard charts several times with her infectious singles and contagious rhythm. Born and raised in Santo Domingo. Sharlene's achievements include 3 number one on the Billboard's Tropical chart ( Mal de Amor, Aqui Nadie Toca, Toy Enamorao ), a guest starring in Fox TV's "Lee Daniel's STAR" series alongside important personalities such as Benjamin Bratt, Lenny Kravitz, Naomi Campbell, Queen Latifah and Tyrese Gibson, among others. While delighting millions on Fox, Sharlene released another collaboration with Don Omar called “Encanto.” 
Finalizing 2017 in style, in October, Sharlene adds her captivating voice and unique style to Universal Music Latin Entertainment, ready to take her music to new heights. Immediately after, the singer-songwriter headed to the studio to work incessantly with several renowned composers and producers, perfecting the new sounds that craft her upcoming new musical proposal. Ready to begin 2018 in full force, Sharlene, presents a captivating new sound to the industry with the release of her new single and music video, "Yo Pago Lo Mio", which she is focused on promoting.



The Documentary


Highlighting and Humanizing the Immigrant Struggles and Triumphs

Highlighting and Humanizing the Immigrant Struggles and Triumphs

The Excuse My Accent documentary series is scheduled to have ten, short thirty minute documentaries for the first season. It will be centered around the vast and diverse American stories. From the entertainment space to refugee experiences, the documentary series will explore the struggles and triumphs of immigrants and minorities as they chase for the American dream. The pilot episode is about Hector Barajas and The Deported Veterans Support House. Hector Barajas was deported, eventually obtained his citizenship and vowed to dedicate his life to assist other deported veterans to gain citizenship, pensions, and other necessary government assistance. We follow Hector's story working from Tijuana at “The Bunker,” to speaking with congressmen day in and day out, in hopes to change current laws. The episode also features Hector meeting with Bernie Sanders, insightful words from other deported veterans in America and Tijuana Mexico, as well as congressional candidate and founder of MAVNI, Margret Stock and many other specialists.



Drei Ros

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Rike Boomgaarden



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Richard Stan



Tamara Jay  



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Tian Lui

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